Caroline Colarusso is a Stoneham Selectwoman currently serving her second term. Caroline is also community volunteer. Caroline has 25 plus years experience as a professional manager, and is a dedicated public servant.  Most importantly, she is a devoted mother, wife and daughter.  For the last 25 years  Caroline has lived in Stoneham.  Since moving here with her husband to raise their family, she has been very active within the community.  


Caroline has always given back to her community.  She has served as a Learn to Skate Instructor, a Stoneham Youth Hockey coach and a member of the Stoneham Youth Hockey board of directors. and a member of the Ladies of the Appian Club.  Caroline played ice hockey as a young girl and has maintained a genuine love for the sport. When the Stoneham High School Girls Varsity Ice Hockey team at Stoneham High was experiencing low participation rates and the program was in jeopardy Caroline volunteered to assist with coaching and recruiting of girls so that the program would be sustainable. Today the girls hockey team is a vibrant thriving organization.


Before being elected to the Board of Selectmen, Caroline served on the Finance and Advisory Board for 5 years.  She earned a reputation as a fiscal watchdog for the taxpayers.


Professionally, Caroline is a manager.  For 27 year she worked as a senior manager in the federal sector where she was responsible for overseeing troubled operations with budgets ranging from $20 - 35 million dollars.  Caroline was tasked with turning these offices from unprofitable over to break even, and then move them towards profitability. She managed staffs of over of 100+ employees and 6-12 managers. Her work  experience lends her necessary skills to identify and expose financial and operational improprieties such as identify theft, consumer fraud, and various criminal activities, In her career she partnered with local, state, and federal officials to conduct investigations to protect consumers and ensure operational and financial integrity.  As a Selectwoman she worked to expose misallocations in municipal water and sewer accounts. Caroline's actions have resulted in a more efficient and responsive local government.Her work received several performance awards.


Like so many families, Caroline has faced some difficult challenges.  She cares for her mother who is suffering from an aggressive form of Alzheimer’s.  Caroline understands the hardships so many families facing caring for a sick family member.  That’s why she works so hard to support our senior population.  Caroline has spoken to many groups about the challenges of caring for a parent.


Caroline graduated from Emmanuel College Magna Cum Laude. 

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